The only thing worse than ads on websites

You have probably experienced it as well. You go into some website you rarely visit or haven't visited before, in order to find some information you know is on the website. For me it is typically a government owned website, or a website supported by a government body.

The page loads and you are getting ready to find the information you need, and then after quarter of a second a popup window comes right up in your face. The popup window wants to know your opinion about the website and how easy it is to find information on the website. The problem is, how should I know this if its my first time visiting the website, or I only visit it once per year?
Also, why is it the people behind the website can't use some of the existing extensive statistics gathering tools for websites in order to analyze how people navigate around their website, and if the users come back to their website. I guess they are just to lazy to analyze their statistics, and thinks it's easier to just bug their users to give them feedback.

Do anybody know of a Adblock Plus filter to block out these services?


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  1. Rick Leir on February 13th, 2012 11:44

    Noscript on Firefox prevents this by default. It blocks all javascript until you add the site to your whitelist. Noscript makes it convenient to manage the whitelist. There is a similar add-on for chrome.

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