New website

Posted on December 26, 2014

It has been in the making for some time but now it’s finally out. I’ve made a new design for my website and in the process also switched it from being based on Wordpress to now being a static site.

Back in July my colleague Esben started work on his own static site generator, Beetle, and I got interested in the project shortly after. Within a month I made the first pull request to Beetle while also acting as a sparring partner to Esben’s development work.

For a while I had an urge to do something about my website which was more or less desserted for the last couple of years. The only thing I did with it was to update the Wordpress installation every few months due to new security issues being found in the project. So instead I thought that I would redo it all as a static site, with a new fresh, mobile and retina friendly, easy readable design, and I hope that also would help spark my urge to blog some more again (I have yet to prove that).

For inspiration of how the site could look and what content I should include, I looked at some of my friends’ websites (,, and found a color scheme and a simple Wordpress theme that I liked which I could base my own site upon.

I worked on the site on and off over the following months, finding bugs and limitations in Beetle that was solved along with Esben, and I also made a few plugins for Beetle that I needed (a SASS compiler, HTML minifier and a sitemap.xml generator).

Then on christmas eve, moments before the family dinner was about to start, I switched my website to point to this new wonder and announced it on Twitter. It didn’t cause as much of a uproar as I expected, probably due to my timing, but I’m at least satisfied with what I have produced.

I have a few topics in mind going forward that I want to blog about, mostly operations/devops related stuff, such as:

But I don’t want to limit myself to only those subjects, so don’t be surprised if other topics pop up here.

If there’s something you think I should talk about first, some topics that I missed or just some general feedback on the site, feel free to contact me on Twitter at @Tenzer or make a pull request on the repository for the site.