Concert photography is fun!

Posted on August 31, 2011. Reading time: 2 minutes

In an attempt on getting a bit of activity back here on my blog, I thought I might as well update a bit on what I've been doing lately. A few weeks ago I went to the concert venue Gimle in Roskilde in order to watch some concerts, primarily with the Danish live drum and bass band F.U.K.T and electronic artist Rangleklods. I had listened to both artists a fair bit prior to the concert, and the concert was free so it was really a no brainer to go.

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Zenphoto Sitemap 2.0.0

Posted on February 19, 2010. Reading time: 1 minutes

I have made a new version of the Zenphoto gallery plugin, Zenphoto Sitemap, available. The new version is a rewrite of the plugin, in order to increase speed, decrease load and generally make the code easier to read, hence the version number. I have also included a README file in the package. The new version can either be fetched from my project page, or from the new GitHub project page.

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Installing djbdns in an OpenSolaris zone

Posted on October 5, 2009. Reading time: 3 minutes

This guide shows you how to install djbdns in an OpenSolaris zone. The zone is currently running OpenSolaris build 124, but the guide should work on other versions of OpenSolaris as well, though not tested. The zone is simply set up as a default ipkg OpenSolaris zone, without many default installed packages. First we start of with the installation of some packages, including sunstudio since we are going to use that to compile djbdns with:

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Updating an OpenSolaris zone

Posted on October 4, 2009. Reading time: 1 minutes

This is just a quick guide for people who need to update an OpenSolaris zone. First off, you need to shutdown the zone. This can either by done by using init 5 or shutdown inside the zone, or by running any of the two commands with zlogin from the global zone. A final not recommended possibility is to run zoneadm -z <zonename> halt from the global zone. After the zone is stopped, you will have to set the zone state to "ready", in order for the file systems to be mounted:

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Some thoughts about package dependencies

Posted on July 28, 2009. Reading time: 4 minutes

Last night I installed SqueezeCenter (the server software used with Squeezebox's) on my home server, since I want to use it together with SqueezeSlave running on my server. That way I can play music from my server while I have a webinterface to control it from all computers on my network. For the installation of SqueezeCenter I downloaded the .deb package, since it was going to be installed on my home Ubuntu server.

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Configuring the Solaris DHCP server

Posted on May 23, 2009. Reading time: 4 minutes

As I recently had to configure the Solaris bundled DHCP server on a box, I though that I would write down the steps I took to get the task done, for everybody else to use and also for myself later on. I will configure the server with some static entries for specific hosts, and also with a small pool of addresses for random users. In order to get the DHCP server installed on OpenSolaris, you have to install the package named SUNWdhcs.

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Zenphoto Sitemap 1.0.2

Posted on February 26, 2009. Reading time: 1 minutes

There's a new version of my Zenphoto Sitemap available, which only includes one fix this time. The change makes the plugin handle non-alphanumeric characters correctly, such as whitespaces, parentheses, brackets, international letters, etc. All those characters are now URL encoded when the sitemap is generated. As always you can get the new version at the Zenphoto Sitemap page.

Zenphoto Sitemap 1.0.1

Posted on January 24, 2009. Reading time: 1 minutes

I have updated my Zenphoto Sitemap plugin with two minor fixes. The first change is that there won't be specified any priorities in the sitemap at all, since the priorities only matter against other URLs in the same exact sitemap (ie. not site-wide). The plugin will have to be rewritten to have all URLs in the same sitemap in order to make use of priorities. As I haven't experienced any need to specify the priority, it is simply left out and then the URLs are assigned the default priority (0.

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Zenphoto plugin: Zenphoto Sitemap

Posted on November 26, 2008. Reading time: 1 minutes

I have been coding a bit the last couple of days on a plugin for the gallery system Zenphoto. I wasn't very happy with how the images from my gallery where indexed, and I couldn't find any other decent coded sitemap generators for Zenphoto, so I decided to create one myself. The result is a one-file plugin for Zenphoto, which is being activated by putting ?sitemap in the URL for your Zenphoto gallery.

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Macro module for Apache

Posted on October 7, 2007. Reading time: 4 minutes

This guide is about the wonderful mod_macro, which makes the job of managing an Apache webserver much easier, or just for the home developer with several test pages or projects. I will explain how to get it running and give some examples of how I use the module, to help you get started with using it. Installation First we need to get the module installed, since it is not installed in a default Debian/Ubuntu installation.

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